In the international program an award for:


Pierre Meunier
for "Smashed to pieces" - La Belle Meunière / La Poétique des signes
Theater European Alternatives 2021


Dragan Zivadinov
for Odilo.Obscuration.Oratorio. - Mladinsko Theatre and Kino Shiska


Producer - coproduction: Mladinsko Theatre and Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture


Best Performance Award

The complex scene semantics in the "Odilo. Obscuration. Oratorio." performance by Dragan Živadinov (SMG Ljubljana production, 2018) presents a duel with the troubling heritage of Nazism by theatralizing one of the most obscure figures of the Slovenian memory – positioned on the top of the German establishment – Odilo Globocnik. The conciseness of the performance, admirably presented in the unity of the director`s approach, the dramaturgy of the performance, the actor`s performance (emphasizing the chorus`s sequences), and the audio-visual semantics, is built in an associative, cautious, and homogenous scenic system whose purpose is to raise the evil over and over again with a purpose to deny it, to enable it`s rising in our space-time, into our shape.

Best Director Award

Starting with the documentary approach in theater, Živadinov creates a performance in which the past communicates with the present to prevent the future and by re-actualization of Nazism fights against the ontology of evil coded in it. "Odilo. Obscuration. Oratorio." performance is but a system of associative signs which in remarkable audiovisual images create a communicating machine of metaphors , a weapon against the evil. Živadinov`s stage signature, for whose characteristics my elaboration is too short, in the performance results with the enlightenment of the evil to annul it; a warning of the resurrection (hence – its divine) property it possesses; evil has its own theology: its own gods, its own believers. Some performances are weapons against him. "Go. Eclipse. Oratorio." is one of them.

Best acting performance award

Pierre Meunier's acting performance in the "Smashed to pieces" play is inscribed with filigree precision based on organic and natural, non-violent, spontaneous acting, a refinement in the presentation of the actor's tasks and states of the character, seasoned with incredible charisma that completes the organic whole of the actor's creation. The character stands out with his art for mimesis through the absolute fusion with the wholeness of the stage world which he is but a part of, which means that the character merges with/in the play to create "his own piece" in the world that is already "smashed into pieces".

"My happiness is great because it is quiet... I secretly experience it in myself."

Friedrich Maximilian von Klinger