Dear participants of the Theater European Alternatives Festival – STURM UND DRANG,

It is with great pleasure that I wish to welcome you.

I shall begin by retelling you a fiction story. And, who knows, it might be realistic as well...

Once upon a time, there was a person. That person sought the essence of human existence. Searching, they came across people/beasts, sensitive/insensitive, unique and common, opinion-oriented/opinionated, faced/faceless, wide awaken/sound asleep, masked/unmasked, with me/without me, with you/without you... they searched and searched and searched persistently... and every time they got tired, they started over and over again, from the top, from scratch. Person/inhuman, mine and yours, what is mine? What is yours? What is ours? Who am I, who are you? Truth/untruth, lie, and sorrow, I can not do it, they said, I can not understand... Again from scratch, again from the top. I am – I am – I am, I shall sleep... no! I shall wake up, I shall seek, no! I shall cry, no, no, no! I shall laugh. I'm gonna go and look myself in the mirror – What am I? Who am I? I shall sit, and so I shall sit and think. Think! Think, think, think! I do not feel like it. I have no thought! I shall slap myself! "I'm tired," they said. OK. From the top, from scratch. They fell in love/they fell out of love, got tired/got up, fell/rose, stared at one point/stared at no point, loved/hated, slept/did not sleep, ate/did not eat, etc. and so over and over again and always from the top, from scratch.

Thus we, creating each of our creations, start from scratch. We feel unspoken, unproven. The theater always retells what has already been said. Everything has been said, and everything needs to be retold. What essence are we looking for? There is none. And if it does exist, it is not merely one, it is always its own, always different, special, and important by itself, it exists and will exist only for itself. That is the beauty of it. The beauty of starting from scratch in the creation of actor’s every single moment, every single moment of the director's creation. My moment, your moment should always be created anew and from scratch; it needs to be inspired by a soul that has just begun to live. Here and now should be accepted as existence, and not as something that must happen. Presence with the eye and the soul, the body and the heart. And there is no other way, that is the only way.

With all my heart I announce our joint beginning. Let each new beginning bring us more light. Let it pierce through each of our creations.

I bow to you!

Yours faithfully,
Tea Begovska