Smashed to pieces looks like a goody bag, with the smell of firecracker as a bonus. Brought by two burlesque movers reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy, the beautiful, carefully packaged piece of furniture will undergo a fierce and joyful massacre, until it is nothing more than a field of ruin. Then begins a project closer to a consoling archeology, where the public invited to participate discovers that nothing is lost. In this astonishing tragi-burlesque cycle of life, anything can make sense.


La Belle Meunière is a french theater company dedicated to artistic creation in the theatrical, sound, cinematographic and plastic fields. Directed by Marguerite Bordat and Pierre Meunier, they invent theatrical forms using a process similar to a research workshop: they carry out experiences and experiments with different types of materials, the actor being a researcher, confronting the laws of physics, which secretly speak of our human condition, with much enthusiasm. They have imagined and created Forbidden di Sporgersi presented at the Avignon Festival (2015), La Vase (2017) and more recently Sécurilif (2019) and Terairofeu (2021).

Marguerite Bordat studied in scenography worked with Joel Pommerat (scenography, costumes) for the first ten years of his carreer. She then left the Compagnie Louis Brouillard with the view of sharing more diverse experiences with other directors. With Berangere Vantusso, she conceived new spaces for actors and puppeteers on stage with hyper-realistic marionettes (which she usually sculpts, paints and dresses). She also signed the costumes and/or the scenography of many plays for Eric Lacascade, Pascal Kirsch, Guillaume Gatteau, Pierre-Yves. Chapalain, Jean-Pierre Laroche, Lazare... and Pierre Meunier, whom she met in 1999.

Pierre Meunier has worked with Pierre Etaix, Annie Fratellini, Philippe Caubere, Zingaro, la Voliere Dromesko, Giovanna Marini, Francois Tanguy, Matthias Langhoff, Jean-Pierre Wenzel, Joel Pommerat. In 1992, he founded his company, La Belle Meuniere, for artistic creation in various fields: cinema, theater, music, painting. He directed four short films (Hopla!, Hardi!, Asphalte, En l'air!) and one feature (on the subject of matter) : Ca continue. Meunier's work always involves meeting and talking with many people workers, scientists, philosophers or other artists, and organizing workshops on various locations (related to his subjects) or institutions (like mental hospitals). Among his creations : L'Homme de plein vent (1996), Le Chant du ressort (1999), Le Tas (2002), Les Egares (2007) and Au milieu du desordre (2008), Sexamor (2009), La Bobine de Ruhmkorff (2012), Du Fond des gorges (2012), Molin-Molette (2014), Badavlan (2015). Pierre Meunier and Marguerite Bordat are La Belle Meuniere 's artistic directors since 2015. Together, they invent theatricals forms in the spirit of a workshop where dominate plastical experience, the confrontation between actors-searchers presency with the material's movement, and the pleasure to fight with physics laws which talks secretely of our human condition. They have imagined and created Forbidden di Sporgersi presented at Le Festival d'avignon (2015), La Vase (2017) and most recently Securilif (2019), Terairofeu (2021).

Raphael Cottin is graduated from the Conservatoire de Paris in contemporean dance and Laban movement. After dancing with Stephanie Aubin, Odile Duboc and Daniel Dobbels, he joins in 2008 Thomas Lebrun's company, director since 2012 of the Centre Choregraphique National de Tours. As a choreographer, he created within the framework of his own company La Poetique des signes about ten performances, notably C'est une legence (Festival d'Avignon 2017), Paralleles, a duo with the lead dancer Jean Guizerix and Chemins Provisoires in 2019. Besides his own projects, he works regularly as a choreographer in musicals productions with the director Jean Lacornerie. He's also an expert member of the "Conseil international de cinetographie Laban". La Belle Meuniere is supported by the French Ministry of Culture - Drac Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, the Regional Council Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes and the County Council of the Allier Departement. La Poetique des Signes has received financial support from the French Ministry of Culture - DRAC Centre Val de Loire, The Regional Council Centre Val de Loire, the County Council of Indre et Loire and from the city of Tours since 2004.





AUTHOR : Marguerite Bordat, Raphael Cottin, Pierre Meunier

PRODUCER : La Belle Meunière

DIRECTOR : Marguerite Bordat, Raphael Cottin, Pierre Meunier

CAST : Marguerite Bordat, Raphael Cottin, Pierre Meunier

COPRODUCTION SACD : Festival d'Avignon, Le Theatre de la Bastille

ADMINISTRATION : Caroline Tigeot

SALES MANAGER : Celine Aguillon, Lyse Daynac

THANKS TO : Frederic Kunze and Hans Kunze


DURATION : 60min