The play is a genre mosaic and the concept is open, so the costume designer, set designer, and props share the stage with the actors. It is set in the circumstances of filming a fictional TV show called "Marriage Game", in which a young married couple, Gillian (played by Andrijana Mecava) and Jack (played by Tanasija Cakic) face the possible outcomes of their marriage. In the case of Jack and Gillian, each variant of their future escalates with a split. The play raises the question: to what extent does fabricated media content, to entertain the masses, influence important human life decisions?


The Academy of Arts in Belgrade enjoys a two-decade long reputation of an accredited higher education institution that prepares its students for the professional field: worldwide drama and audiovisual arts. Taking into account the speed of development of science and technology, suggestions of students, its own knowledge and experience acquired following the trail of the European Higher Education, the Academy accredited innovated study programs of basic and master academic studies, adding them a new quality. Lecturers at the Academy of Arts are one of the most eminent artists and professors in our country, whose reputation, artistic creativity and pedagogical work from year to year determine an increasing number of students who enroll in our faculty. Among them are: Dragana Varagic, Iva Milosevic, Milan Neskovic, Igor Djordevic, Milica Kralj, Predrag Kajganic MA, Ph.D. Branislav Popovic, Ph.D. Veljko Djuric, Dragoljub Elcic, Drasko Plavsic, Aleksandar Popovic, Boris Shurlan MA, Ph.D. Svetlana Bezdanov Gostimir, Ph.D. Milan Radovanovic, Ph. D. Vesna Krcmar, Ph.D. Jovana Nikolic... Over 1200 students who during their education have won over 220 domestic and international awards and honours in the field of film, theater and television creations have graduated at the Academy of Arts.


Dragana Varagic
Narrow scientific or artistic field: Dramatic and audiovisual arts - Acting
Artistic / academic career: Graduated in Acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She specialized in Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford and earned a master's degree in drama from the University of Toronto. Elected associate professor in 2012. She has taught acting at the University of Windsor and Dalhousie University's Department of Theater, and acting and directing at the University of Ottawa. As a visiting professor, she taught Shakespeare at the Polish National Film and Theater Academy in Loddu. She has directed "It's Not My Story", "Prinzeca T.", "The Defense of Mrs. Clito Mestres", "Dantes Divinus", "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" Canada, the Canadian-Montenegrin co-production "Penelopiada" for "Purgatory Theater Festival" in Tivat, and "Kir Janju" for the Princely-Serbian Theater in Kragujevac. For her acting work, she was awarded two annual awards of the National Theater, the award of the Festival "Ljubisa Jovanovic", the Award for the episode at Sterija's Pozorje. For her work in the diaspora, she was awarded the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia Award, the City of Toronto Award for Intercultural Cooperation, and was nominated for the Dora Award for Best Actress in Toronto.






Andrijana Mecava Born on November 9, 1999. Attended high school in Banja Luka. Since 2016 she became a student of the Academy of Arts, department of acting. Professors of the main subject were Dragana Varagic and Predrag Stojmenovic. She graduated on May 6. 2021 with the play "Marriage play", by motives of Edward Albee's "Marriage play", directed by Andrijana Mecava and Tanasije Cakic, at the National Theater in Belgrade, stage "Rasa Plaovic"

Tanasije Cakic Born on December 1, 1997, in Belgrade. After graduating from "Zemun High School", in 2016 he enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade in the class of prof. Dragana Varagic and Predrag Stojmenovic. During his studies, he participated in a large number of student films and plays at the Academy of Arts and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He graduated on October 7, 2020 with the play "Vienna Chair", based on the text by Nikolaj Koljada, directed by Predrag Stojmenovic, at the "DADOV Theater".



AUTHOR : Based on Edward Albee's Marriage play

PRODUCER : Academy of Arts, Mia Raosavljevic

DIRECTOR : Andrijana Mecava and Tanasije Cakic

CAST : Gillian - Andrijana Mecava, Jack - Tanasije Cakic

SCENOGRAPHY : Aleksandra Mecava

COSTUMES : Milos Janjic

MUSIC : Nadja Fratric


DURATION : 65min


LANGUAGE : serbian