You will marry me/ Petar Miloshevski/UK

This 12-minute long solo video performance is a full author’s project of British-Macedonian actor, performer, and theatre-maker Petar Miloshevski. It was developed as an artistic response to 2020 Coronavirus pandemics lockdown and serves as yet another proof of human creativity even with, or despite limited equipment and means – the entire video was filmed using only a mobile phone. The video performance was based on narrated excerpts Miloshevski had at his disposal at home and includes authors such as Viriginia Woolf, Jacques Prevert, and a couple of anonymous sources. The context, Milosevshki’s home, was determined by the external circumstances but served well for the portrayal of the fragments of characters Miloshevski embodies. Most of the video was shot in black-and-white, which fits the initial pale melancholic mood and subtle themes of isolation and loneliness that, by the end, blossom into a passion and colorful balcony shots of the outside world. The bipolarity of the black- and-white world is also present in Miloshevski’s exploration of gender; he embodies both a man and a woman, and dwells on the peculiarities of each gender – how does it feel to dress like a woman? Each scene is a glimpse into Miloshevski’s psychological, emotional or physical world, and a narrational whole in itself, dealing with topics such as gender identity, body, old age, hopes, and fears. My bones are fragile as glass, (..) the cracks of thousands of wrinkles have appeared on my skin advancing by little bounce all over the body, anxiously murmurs Miloshevski. The title is taken from one of the poetic monologue excerpts and refers to being married to life in all its fullness, to its joys but also sorrows (and can be linked to Sturm und Drang and its insistence on emotional expression) – The knife marries the wound, the rainbow marries the rain, the smiles marries the tears. Some unexpected special effects were used for the video, such as an echo, or laugh tracks during more serious scenes, which brought complexity to material and an auto-ironic feel, as if the author added little auditive triggers to maintain self-awareness and remind himself this Covid-19 isolation too, shall pass (and it has!). You will marry me is a short but substantive performance video dealing with the effects of the lockdown but also serving as the spiritual remedy, both for the author and the audience.

AUTHOR: Ajla Medanhodzic